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г. Калуга, ул. Вилонова, д. 35Регистратура: +7 (4842)56-37-61, 57-25-63 (многоканальный)Многокональный телефон +7 (4842) 27-75-35

Basic information about the medical organization

Kaluga Regional Childrens Dental Polyclinic  has been providing dental care to small patients for more than 35 years. From the moment of opening, we set the task: to provide patients with modern and quality services at affordable prices. The established friendly team, well-known employees combine experienced, working from the very foundation of the clinic, and promising specialists. Medical staff have certificates of specialists, long experience, qualification categories. All services provided by the Kaluga Regional Childrens Dental Polyclinic are licensed.

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